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Delegates' comments on previous seminars

  • "Thought provoking review of the new guidance " Occupational Health Nurse;
  • " Answered many of my queries and raised many questions to think about. Enjoyable" H&S Trainer/Advisor;
  • " Complicated issues were made easy to understand" Office Manager;
  • " Very helpful and informative. Also interesting!" Solicitor;
  • " Very helpful overview of the implications for our home workers, being networked by the end of this year" H R Manager;
  • " Gave me more understanding of the new regs and how I have to implement them back in the workplace" IT Manager;
  • " Excellent presentation & extremely informative. Good discussion around pertinent points" Occupational Health Nurse Advisor;
  • " Very satisfied with all aspects of seminar" Health & Safety Adviser;
  • " Good seminar - easy going pace - not too technical or jargonised - plenty of opportunity to discuss points/questions" Industrial Safety Support;
  • " Very good - highlighted changes with new guidelines - made us aware of what to do to avoid any litigation!" Medical Advisor;
  • " Very enlightening - particularly the flaws in the regs" Central Support Facilities Co-ordinator;
  • " Very interesting and some real food for thought" Legal Executive;
    " A very thorough overview of what can be a dry subject. I learnt a lot & discovered different slants on the legislation" Training Officer;
  • " I’ve come away suitably informed & able to save the company some money!" Occupational Health Nurse;
  • " Very relevant. Very practical & down to earth" HR Planning Manager;
  • " Very impressive seminar, well presented" Occupational Health Physician;
  • " Gave good advice on how to interpret the guidelines when vague or contradictory" Administration Officer;
  • " The seminar was informative and interesting - very enjoyable! Thank you" Safety Officer;
  • " Very knowledgeable & informative speaker" Computing Services Manager;
  • " Very interesting, well presented" Consultant in Occupational Health;
  • " Well structured and informative - good handout material" Estates Officer;
  • " Excellent links to additional material" IT Manager;
  • " Excellent seminar & very inspiring and thought provoking. All questions dealt with. Many thanks" Staff Support Administrator;
  • " Very well presented & good interaction of those present encouraged" Occupational Health Manager;
  • " Obscure issues clarified concisely with examples given. Well done!" H & S Training Officer;
  • " Interesting seminar on the current legislation & limitations / contradictions within it. Rather feel that the employer is between a rock & hard place, but better to be aware of it!" Health & Safety Manager;
  • " Thank you for an excellent seminar" Solicitor/Partner;
  • " The seminar was very interesting and demonstrated that we need to give greater thought to both our existing policies & systems of work, as well as take account of changes in legislation. I found it very thought provoking, and a bit worrying in terms of our position in law" Health & Safety Advisor / Accommodation Officer;
  • " Speaker made subject matter very interesting & was very knowledgeable" Facilities Manager;
  • " Information was of a very high level and well presented" Safety Manager;
  • " Very informative" Manager Corporate Compliance;
  • " Excellent, well presented, easy to understand!" Health & Safety Adviser;
  • " Very interesting" Solicitor;
  • " Excellent speaker" Safety Adviser.
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