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Brian Pearce is a consultant ergonomist and a Senior Visiting Fellow in the Research School in Ergonomics and Human Factors at Loughborough University. He has wide ranging experience as an ergonomics consultant and as a human factors researcher and has lectured on ergonomic issues in Europe, North America and Australia. He first acted as an expert witness in 1987, in the Australian test case on "RSI" (Susan Marie Cooper -v- Commonwealth of Australia), heard in the Supreme Court in Melbourne. Since then, his advice concerning work-related disorders has been sought in legal proceedings in the UK by both Claimants and Defendants and he has given oral evidence on numerous occasions.

He is a Member of The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health, an Individual Member of The Expert Witness Institute and a Practising Member of the Academy of Experts. He is included in The Law Society's Directory of Expert Witnesses 2004 as a 'Checked' Expert. He has attended training courses on the duties of Experts under the CPR and, while in the past he was mostly instructed by Defendants, he is now regularly instructed as a Single Joint Expert.

Having completed a research contract for the Health and Safety Executive which examined how the Courts are interpreting HSE guidance documents and health and safety regulations in personal injury claims for work-related upper limb disorders (, he is applying a similar approach to other musculo-skeletal disorders. This research is based on an analysis of transcripts of Judgments, about 200 of which are briefly summarised on a web site at:

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