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Hearing(s) - Rochester - v - Techfil Ltd

Date Court Claimant(s) Task Injury Judgment for
11 Jul 2000Huddersfield CountyRochesterScrewing caps on plastic bottlesDe Quervain's Syndrome, Lateral EpicondylitisClaimant

It appears from the currently available information (no official transcript is available) that Mr Rochester claimed he had suffered De Quervain's Syndrome and Lateral Epicondylitis as a result of tightening tamper-evident caps on plastic bottles at a rate of 16 or 17 per hour for periods of in excess of one and a half hours. The Judge evidently found that the Lateral Epicondylitis was constitutional in origin, but that the De Quervain's Syndrome resulted from the Claimant's work. The Judge evidently went on to find there was no proper job rotation in place and that the Defendant should have provided a tool that would have reduced the risk of injury. The Defendant was found to have been in breach of their common law duties and in breach of regulation 4(1)(b)(ii) of the MHO Regulations in failing to take appropriate steps to reduce the risk of injury.


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Last updated: 16/10/2009