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DSE use:Using Hand Operated ToolsLight manual work
Keyboard use: (not DSE)Using Powered Hand ToolsManual handling
 Operating equipment/machine/controls 

To assist in searching the wide range of tasks that are alleged to have given rise to injuries and to find cases associated with similar types of work, a glossary of task search terms has been developed and the pertinent search terms applied to each case. While many of the tasks that are alleged to have given rise to injuries fall clearly into distinct categories such as: DSE use; Non-DSE Keyboard use; Using hand operated tools; Using powered hand tools; and Operating some sort of equipment, machine or controls, the remaining tasks can be categorised in a variety of ways. The way chosen distinguishes between cases in which the predominant activity that is alleged to have caused injury involves: assembling, manipulating, inspecting, sorting or packing some sort of relatively light product or component, repetitively, which for present purposes is described as 'Light manual work'; and manually handling, carrying, lifting, loading, pushing or pulling items of other than trivial weight, which for present purposes is described as 'Manual handling'.

In cases where there is insufficient detail in the Judgment about the nature of the allegedly injurious work to determine the precise activities involved, the case has been assigned on the basis of whether the alleged injury appears to have been caused by the repetitive nature of the work (Light manual work) or more by the effort involved (Manual handling). This is not to say that the cases assigned to the 'Light manual work' category do not involve effort or are not manual handling operations within the meaning of the Manual Handling Operations Regulations or that the cases assigned to the 'Manual handling' category do not involve repetitive activities or are necessarily manual handling operations within the meaning of the Manual Handling Operations Regulations. Indeed, it is clear from the Judgments that what constitutes a manual handling operation within the meaning of the Manual Handling Operations Regulations is open to interpretation. (See commentary on the Manual Handling Operations Regulations)

DSE use:Using Hand Operated ToolsLight manual work
Keyboard use: (not DSE)Using Powered Hand ToolsManual handling
 Operating equipment/machine/controls 
 DSE use: Keyboard use: (not DSE)
Computer mouse use Keyboard use:
DSE use: Keyboard use: add-listing cheques
DSE use: administrative tasks Keyboard use: adding machine
DSE use: alphanumeric data entry Keyboard use: audio & copy typing
DSE use: audio & copy typing Keyboard use: audio typing
DSE use: audio typing Keyboard use: copy typing
DSE use: cashier Keyboard use: copytaking
DSE use: copy typing Keyboard use: encoding cheques
DSE use: copytaking Keyboard use: form filling
DSE use: data enquiry Keyboard use: legal secretarial
DSE use: data entry Keyboard use: post code entry
DSE use: data entry / administrative tasks Keyboard use: sub-editing
DSE use: data entry / enquiry Keyboard use: typesetting
DSE use: data input & word processing Keyboard use: typing
DSE use: data processing  
DSE use: database data input  
DSE use: database management  
DSE use: form filling  
DSE use: legal secretarial  
DSE use: numeric data entry  
DSE use: reading & data enquiry  
DSE use: secretarial word processing  
DSE use: secretarial work  
DSE use: sub-editing  
DSE use: telephone switchboard  
DSE use: typesetting  
DSE use: typing  
DSE use: word processing 
 Using Hand Operated Tools Using Powered Hand Tools Operating equipment/machine/controls
Carpenter Rivetting Grinding reamers
Factory butchering Use of a compressed air gun Ironing
Fettling crockery Use of a pneumatic screwdriver Machine sewing
Labouring clearing sites Use of a sander Machine sewing of hooks & eyes onto bras
Operating a glue gun Use of a spray gun Machining metal
Poultry processing: deboning Use of a staple gun Manual hand press operation
Poultry processing: evisceration Use of an air operated sander Operating a capstan lathe
Use of a crow bar Use of an automatic screwdriver Operating a thermostat calibration unit
Use of a deburring tool Use of an orbital sander Operating security locks on doors
Use of a hammer Use of electric grinding tools Pouring steel
Use of a hammer & centre punch Use of hand held vibrating tools Power press operation
Use of a hand held crimping tool  Use of hand operated control(s)
Use of a hypodermic gun  Use of hand-held control box
Use of a knife  Use of industrial mixer
Use of a screwdriver   
Use of a sealant gun   
Use of a security tag gun   
Use of a sledge hammer   
Use of a syringe   
Use of an adhesive tape gun   
Use of clippers & pliers   
Use of hand held tools, setting up machine   
Use of pliers   
Use of pliers & scalpel   
Use of scissors   
Use of spring-loaded cutters   
Use of tin snips   
Use of torque wrench   
Use of tweezers  
 Light manual work Manual handling
Assembling light fittings Dipping crockery
Bar code reading pen use Erecting, maintaining and repairing transmission lines and poles
Buttering ? Handling / Carrying bags of flour
Cleaning trays Handling / Carrying folders
Clerical Handling / Carrying: briefcases
Collating documents Handling / Carrying: castings
Counting money Handling / Carrying: children, buckets & toys
Electric motor winding Handling / Cleaning: glass & ceramic ware
Handling / Assembling circuit boards Handling / Filling: plastic bags of filler
Handling / Assembling vehicle wiring looms Handling / Inspecting steel stock
Handling / Filling: coleslaw pots Handling / Inspecting: freezers
Handling / Inspecting circuit boards Handling / Inspecting: insulators
Handling / Inspecting vehicle wiring looms Handling / Inspecting: motors
Handling / Inspecting: lettered sheets Handling / Inspecting: pig carcasses
Handling / Inspecting: stock bottles of prescription drugs Handling a box of sausages
Handling / Inspecting: surgical gloves Handling a jig
Handling cosmetics Handling a teapot
Handling crockery Handling axle stands
Handling electrical leads Handling brackets
Handling mixing bowls Handling buckets of water
Handling money Handling cardboard boxes
Handling pot plants Handling coil cylinders
Handling pots and pans Handling coils
Handling sausages Handling crockery moulds
Handling sheets of cardboard Handling drinking flasks
Handling steel hooks Handling electronic coils
Light assembly Handling fluorescent light tubes
Making artists brushes Handling knives
Making envelopes Handling large bottles of water
Making sandwiches Handling laundry
Operating a supermarket checkout Handling metal tubes
Packing ? Handling packing cases
Packing bags of crisps Handling road traffic cones
Packing cakes Handling scenery
Packing paper tissues Handling sheets of card
Packing prints and negatives into wallets Handling sheets of metal
Packing surgical gloves Handling steel blanks
Painting & gilding crockery Handling washing
Painting pottery Handling wires
Performing Shiatsu massage Loading cardboard tubes
Poultry processing: bagging Loading gears
Poultry processing: bagging/skinning Loading paper
Poultry processing: trussing Loading rubber components
Pressing and straightening fork prongs Making roofing panels
Pressing pizza dough into pans Poultry processing: lifting / moving boxes
Process work Pushing a tea trolley
Screwing caps on plastic bottles Shelf stacking
Sorting mail Stripping cardboard from blocks of frozen fish
Spot welding wire components  
Use of a 2inch gauge hose  
Use of bulldog clips and wing nuts

Last updated: 26/03/2014