SIC classifications in the WRULD DB

Section C - Manufacturing

CodeDescriptionDefendant (Case)
CManufacturingHomecraft Ltd (Casey - v - Homecraft Ltd)
Thermos Ltd (Hamilton & Pyper - v - Thermos Limited)
Reckitt & Coleman (Mason - v - Reckitt & Coleman)
Reckitt & Coleman (Branson - v - Reckitt & Coleman)
British Syphon Industries (Castro - v - British Syphon Industries)
H Ward & Co (Roberts - v - H Ward & Co)
Hawker Siddeley Water Engineering Ltd (Osarak - v - Hawker Siddeley Water Engineering Ltd)
C10Manufacture of food productsH C C Tinsley & Son (Alexander - v - H C C Tinsley & Son)
Ross Youngs Ltd (Adamson - v - Ross Youngs Limited)
Cranswick Country Foods Ltd (Mainprize & Gill - v - Cranswick Country Foods Ltd)
Pennine Foods (Jeffery - v - Pennine Foods)
Dalgety (Atkinson & Crowston - v - Dalgety)
Sooner Snacks (Long - v - Sooner Snacks)
Homepride Foods Ltd (Smith - v - Homepride Foods Ltd)
Hypervac Ltd (Lewis - v - Hypervac Ltd)
Unigate plc (Paine - v - Unigate plc)
Birdseye Walls (Rogers - v - Birdseye Walls)
Findus UK Ltd (Shrimpling - v - Findus UK Ltd)
E B Packers & Distributors Ltd (Spillers Ltd) (Gleeson-Bartlett - v - E B Packers & Distributors Ltd (Spillers Ltd))
Culdrose Foods (Whitnall - v - Culdrose Foods)
G W Padley Ltd (Presland - v - G W Padley Ltd)
Ashton Foods Ltd (Hibbert - v - Ashton Foods Ltd)
RVP Foods Ltd (Carcary - v - RVP Foods Ltd)
C10.1Processing and preserving of meat and production of meat productsBernard Matthews plc (Mountenay (Hazzard) & others - v - Bernard Matthews plc)
Bernard Matthews (Godfrey - v - Bernard Matthews)
Mattesson Walls Ltd (Herrick et al - v - Mattesson Walls Limited)
James Strange & Co Ltd (Bellis - v - James Strange & Co Ltd)
C10.12Processing and preserving of poultry meatSun Valley Poultry Ltd (Franklyn - v - Sun Valley Poultry Ltd)
Lloyd Maunder (Hill - v - Lloyd Maunder)
Suffolk Sovereign Chickens Ltd (Pennington - v - Suffolk Sovereign Chickens Ltd)
Sun Valley Poultry Ltd (Lane - v - Sun Valley Poultry Ltd)
Sun Valley Poultry Ltd (O'Melia - v - Sun Valley Poultry Ltd)
Grampian Country Food Group Ltd (Hughes -v- Grampian Country Food Group Ltd)
C10.31Processing and preserving of potatoesWalkers Smith Snack Foods Ltd (Gissing - v - Walkers Smith Snack Foods Ltd)
Golden Wonder Ltd (Doran - v - Golden Wonder Ltd)
C10.7Manufacture of bakery and farinaceous productsManor Bakeries Ltd (Conyon - v - Manor Bakeries Ltd)
C10.85Manufacture of prepared meals and dishesF W Farnsworth (t/a SPD) (aka Pork Farms) (Mility - v - F W Farnsworth (t/a SPD) (aka Wilson -v- Pork Farms))
C13Manufacture of textilesWills Fabrics (Davis - v - Wills Fabrics)
Coloroll (Ladds - v - Coloroll (in liquidation))
C14Manufacture of wearing apparelClaremont Garments Ltd (Patterson - v - Claremont Garments Limited)
Claremont Garments Ltd (Lindsay & Johnson - v - Claremont Garments Limited)
J Barbour & Sons Ltd (Tindale - v - J Barbour & Sons Ltd)
Wakefield Shirt Co Ltd (Henderson - v - Wakefield Shirt Co Ltd)
Oakbest Ltd (Davis - v - Oakbest Ltd)
Ian Roberts (Robinson - v - Ian Roberts)
C14.14/2Manufacture of woman's underwearTriumph International (Reynolds - v - Triumph International)
C16.23Manufacture of other builder's carpentry and joineryRugby Group plc (Knott - v - Rugby Group plc)
C17.2Manufacture of articles of paper and paperboardBowater Containers North East Ltd (Shaw - v - Bowater Containers North East Ltd)
British Tissues Ltd (Fish - v - British Tissues Ltd)
C17.21Manufacture of articles of corrugated paper and paperboard and of containers of paper and paperboardKohen Windsor Box Company Ltd (Jelfs - v - Kohen Windsor Box Company Ltd)
Thames Case Ltd (Middleditch - v - Thames Case Ltd)
Thames Case Ltd (Wyeth - v - Thames Case Ltd)
TG Nuttall Packaging Ltd (Chiacchio -v- TG Nuttall Packaging Ltd)
C17.22Manufacture of household and santary goods and of toilet requisitesScott Ltd (Simpson - v - Scott Ltd)
C17.23Manufacture of paper stationeryJohn Dickinson (Jones - v - John Dickinson)
Manchester Envelope Company Ltd (Jackson - v - Manchester Envelope Company Ltd)
C17.29Manufacture of other articles of paper and paperboard n.e.c.Filtrona Ltd (McIntyre - v - Filtrona Ltd)
C18.12Other printingRedwood Burn Ltd (Hungerford - v - Redwood Burn Ltd)
C18.12/9Printing (other than printing of newspapers and printing on labels and tags) n.e.c.Esselte Letraset Ltd (Ping et al - v - Esselte Letraset Ltd)
C19.20Manufacture of refined petroleum productsShell UK Ltd (Gould - v - Shell UK Ltd)
British Petroleum (Pollard - v - British Petroleum)
C20Manufacture of chemical and chemical productsImperial Chemical Industries plc (Pickford - v - Imperial Chemical Industries plc)
ICI (Wood - v - ICI)
C20.3Manufacture of paints. varnishes and similar coatings, printing ink and masticsMander Brothers Ltd (Rutter - v - Mander Brothers Limited)
C22Manufacture of rubber and plastic productsAvon Industrial Polymers Ltd (Miles - v - Avon Industrial Polymers Ltd)
C22.1Manufacture of rubber productsLeyland & Birmingham Rubber Co Ltd (Maguire - v - Leyland & Birmingham Rubber Co Ltd)
LRC Products Ltd (Flaherty et al - v - LRC Products Limited)
Dunlop Ltd (Coleman - v - Dunlop Ltd)
C22.2Manufacture of plastic productsEternit (UK) Ltd (Bacon - v - Eternit (UK) Ltd)
C23.12Shaping and processing of flat glassSolaglass Ltd (Easterbrook - v - Solaglass Ltd)
C23.41Manufacture of ceramic household and ornamental articlesRoyal Doulton (UK) Ltd (Willis et al - v - Royal Doulton (UK) Limited)
Royal Doulton (UK) Ltd (Barnett - v - Royal Doulton (UK) Ltd)
Arthur Wood & Sons Ltd (Mitchell - v - Arthur Wood & Sons Ltd)
Royal Doulton (UK) Ltd (Bettany - v - Royal Doulton (UK) Ltd)
John Tams Ltd (Foulkes - v - John Tams Ltd)
Federated Potteries (Hammond - v - Federated Potteries)
Portmerion Potteries Ltd (Edge - v - Portmerion Potteries Ltd)
Churchill China (UK) Ltd (Barlow - v - Churchill China (UK) Ltd)
C23.43Manufacture of ceramic insulators and insulating fittingsChampion Sparking Plugs Co Ltd (Fox - v - Champion Sparking Plugs Co Ltd)
Allied Insulators Ltd (Stokes - v - Allied Insulators Ltd)
C23.99Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products n.e.c.Techfil Ltd (Rochester - v - Techfil Ltd)
C24Manufacture of basic metalBritish Steel plc (O'Callaghan - v - British Steel plc)
C24.31Cold drawing of barsSaxon Steels Ltd (Lewis - v - Saxon Steels Ltd)
C24.5Casting of metalsBeevor Castings (Stimpson - v - Beevor Castings)
C25Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipmentBulldog Tools Ltd (Kenney - v - Bulldog Tools Limited)
Mecca Precision Engineers Ltd (Fitzgerald - v - Mecca Precision Engineers Ltd)
Octavius Atkinson & Sons Ltd (Guy - v - Octavius Atkinson & Sons Ltd)
Telehoist Ltd (Richardson - v - Telehoist Ltd)
Priest Jackson Pressings (Kaur - v - Priest Jackson Pressings)
Warman International Ltd (McCord - v - Warman International Ltd)
C25.2Manufacture of tanks, reservoirs and containers of metalDunham Bush Ltd (Simpson - v - Dunham Bush Ltd)
C25.40Manufacture of weapons ans ammunitionRoyal Ordnance plc (Bowers - v - Royal Ordnance plc)
C25.73Manufacture of toolsAlston Tool & Gauge Co Ltd (McDermott - v - Alston Tool & Gauge Co Ltd)
Stanley Tool (Cammidge - v - Stanley Tool)
C25.93Manufacture of wire products, chain and springsStevensons of Shipley (Fryer - v - Stevensons of Shipley)
C26.1Manufacture of electronic components and boardsBeck Electronics Ltd (Edwards - v - Beck Electronics Ltd)
The Rank Organisation Ltd (Lomax - v - The Rank Organisation Ltd)
Bonella Switches Ltd (Jackson - v - Bonella Switches Ltd)
C26.3Manufacture of communication equipmentPlessey Telecommunications Ltd (Nelson - v - Plessey Telecommunications Ltd)
C26.40Manufacture of consumer electronicsMaxview Aerials (Neighbour - v - Maxview Aerials)
C26.70/2Manufacture of photographic and cimenatographic equipmentIlford Ltd (Beckett - v - Ilford Ltd)
C27.11Manufacture of electricit motors, generators and transformersBrook Hansen Ltd (Malpass - v - Brook Hansen Ltd)
C27.12Manufacture of electricity distribution and control apparatusAreva T & D Ltd (Wilkes - v - Areva T & D Ltd)
C27.33Manufacture of wiring devicesVolex Wiring Systems Ltd (Bailey - v - Volex Wiring Systems Ltd)
MEM 250 Volt Ltd (Owen - v - MEM 250 Volt Limited)
Volex Group plc (Land (Bradley) - v - Volex Group plc)
M K Electrics Ltd (Tree et al - v - M K Electrics Ltd)
Volex Group plc (Phillips - v - Volex Group plc)
C27.40Manufacture of electric lighting equipmentThorn Lighting (Fittings) Ltd (Sheldon - v - Thorn Lighting (Fittings) Ltd)
Thorn Consumer Electronics (Pepall et al - v - Thorn Consumer Electronics)
Thorn Consumer Electronics Ltd (Burgess - v - Thorn Consumer Electronics Ltd)
C27.51Manufacture of electric domestic appliancesGEC Hotpoint Ltd (Bates - v - GEC Hotpoint Ltd)
Smart and Brown Engineering Ltd (Weatherall - v - Smart and Brown Engineering Ltd)
Smart and Brown (Light Engineering) Ltd (Irvin - v - Smart and Brown (Light Engineering) Ltd)
Electrolux Ltd (Baines - v - Electrolux Ltd)
Osram GEC Ltd (Hobin - v - Osram GEC Ltd)
Electrolux Household Appliances Ltd (Richardson - v - Electrolux Household Appliances Ltd)
C28Manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c.Kohler Mira Ltd (Carpenter -v- Kohler Mira Ltd)
C28.25Manufacture of non-domestic cooling and ventilation equimentEaton Williams Group Ltd (Kane -v- Eaton Williams Group Ltd)
C28.30/2Manufacture of agicultural and forestry machinery (other than agricultural tractors)Atco Ltd (Mitchell - v - Atco Ltd)
C28.92Manufacture of machinery for mining, quarrying and constructionKemutec Powder Coatings Ltd (Coles -v- Kemutec Powder Coatings Ltd)
C29.10Manufacture of motor vehiclesVauxhall Motors Ltd (Brammer - v - Vauxhall Motors Ltd)
Vauxhall Motors Ltd (Lee - v - Vauxhall Motors Ltd)
Vauxhall Motors Ltd (Inskip - v - Vauxhall Motors Ltd)
British Leyland (Montgomery - v - British Leyland)
Chrysler United Kingdom Ltd (Kosskinski - v - Chrysler United Kingdom Ltd)
Rover Group (Brown - v - Rover Group)
Rolls Royce (Roberts - v - Rolls Royce)
C29.3Manufacture of parts and accessories for motor vehiclesWabco Automotive UK Ltd (Walker - v - Wabco Automotive UK Ltd)
Quinton Hazell plc (Probert - v - Quinton Hazell plc)
C29.31Manufacture of electrical and electronic equipment for motor vehiclesLucas Electrical (Gaughan - v - Lucas Electrical)
Delco Products Overseas Corporation (Banton - v - Delco Products Overseas Corporation)
Lucas Electrical Ltd (Wright - v - Lucas Electrical Ltd)
Smiths Industries Ltd (Rose - v - Smiths Industries Ltd)
Lucas Automotive Ltd (Goldstraw (Sandra) - v - Lucas Automotive Ltd)
Lucas Rists Wiring Systems (Goldstraw (Lisa) - v - Lucas Rists Wiring Systems)
C29.32Manufacture of other parts and acessories for motor vehiclesPrestige Veneers Ltd (Stephenson - v - Prestige Veneers Ltd)
C30.11Building of ships and floating structuresFerguson Shipbuilders Ltd (McFarlane -v- Ferguson Shipbuilders Ltd)
C30.30Manufacture of air and spacecraft and related machineryMilitary Aircraft (Porter - v - Military Aircraft)
British Aerospace Defence Ltd (Collins - v - British Aerospace Defence Ltd)
British Aerospace (Mills - v - British Aerospace)
C31.0Manufacture of furnitureParker Knoll Furniture Ltd (Carter - v - Parker Knoll Furniture Ltd)
Breco Furniture Products (Clarkson - v - Breco Furniture Products)
C33.17Repair and maintenance of transport equipment n.e.c.British Rail Maintenance (Baker - v - British Rail Maintenance)
C33.19Repair of other equipmentWhirly Bird Services Ltd (Molvaer - v - Whirly Bird Services Ltd)