SIC classifications in the WRULD DB

Section O - Public administration and defence; compulsory social security

CodeDescriptionDefendant (Case)
O84.11General public administration activitiesDepartment of Employment (Sutton - v - British Trust for Conservation Volunteers)
London Borough of Camden (McPherson - v - London Borough of Camden)
Clwyd County Council (Clark - v - Clwyd County Council)
St Edmundsbury Borough Council (Wilebore - v - St Edmundsbury Borough Council)
Trafford MBC (Webster - v - Trafford MBC)
Milton Keynes County Council (Kirk - v - Milton Keynes County Council)
London Borough of Tower Hamlets (Trotman - v - London Borough of Tower Hamlets)
O84.12Regulation of the activities of providing health care, education, cultural services and other social services, excluding social securityAnglia Harbours NHS Trust (Cole - v - Anglia Harbours NHS Trust)
Health & Safety Executive (West - v - Health & Safety Executive)
North West Surrey Health Authority (Greaney - v - North West Surrey Health Authority)
O84.2Provision of services to the community as a wholeBolton Council (Shaughnessey -v- Bolton Council)
O84.23Justice and judicial activitiesThe Crown Prosecution Service (Hitchen - v - The Crown Prosecution Service)
South Glamorgan Probation Department (Brelsford - v - South Glamorgan Probation Department)
The Lord Chancellor's Department (Thickett - v - The Lord Chancellor's Department)