Goldstraw (Lisa) - v - Lucas Rists Wiring Systems

Claimant Lisa Jayne Goldstraw
Job title Blocker & Pre-Blocker (SOC 2000: 8131)
Task description Production Line - Inserting wires into junction boxes and taping
Injury Diffuse forearm pain syndrome with distal radial tunnel irritation. Also referred to as Neuroplasticity
Defendant(s) Lucas Rists Wiring Systems (SIC 2007: C29.31)
Court(s) Stoke County
Case No. SQ701577
Date Oct 1999
Judge(s) Judge Hughes
For Claimant
All Claimants Lisa Jayne Goldstraw
Solicitor N E Cook
Counsel Mr Pusey
Non-Medical expert(s) Mr Terence Jenks (Engineering)
Medical expert(s) Mr Michael O'Driscoll (Orthopaedic Surgery)
For Defendant
Solicitor Cartwright & Lewis
Counsel Mr West
Non-Medical expert(s) Mr G Joynson (Engineering)
Medical expert(s) Mr Neville R M Kay (Orthopaedic Surgery)
Judgment for: Defendant
Injury found: No
Work related: No
Breach of Statutory Duty: No
Defendant negligent: No
References to and/or Interpretations of Regulations and HSE Guidance Documents
It was unsuccessfully argued in this case that the allegedly injurious work, which is described in the Judgment as requiring numerous repetitive hand and wrist movements, came within the Manual Handling Operations Regulations. There is a brief, inconsequential reference to a Health and Safety publication in 1990 that "gave employers knowledge that rotation should be introduced".


Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992

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